College SEARCH


College Search Coaching's passion for results: 

WHATEVER you do, do it fully, as unto the Lord and not unto man. Colossians 3:21-23

Inform and engage the parent

Challenge the student

What is College Search Coaching?

Our College Search program combines our expert advice with practical involvement from the high school student & parent.

With today's incredible financial resources, no parent should have to say "I wish I could" send my child to college. Economic trends demonstrate you cannot afford to miss  30% increased earnings your student would secure by extending education.

We often recommend Bachelor's Degrees @ four year universities. We may emphasize the benefits of Private Institutions because of their net cost / value. Regardless of the path, CSC strategies maximize your student options.

Adventure Begins

What can we do for YOU? 

This is a personalized coaching service,

primarily working with youth in educational goal development, self confidence, and development of vocation targets.  

We challenge the student, we inform and engage the parent. Our coaching process is for for ALL types of high school students, not just elite GPA's or those families with abundant resources. We have coached 

average students to secure improved options and unexpected financial resources.                          

What is Sound Decisions?


Sound Decisions began as an educational vehicle for young musicians aspiring to a performance level, while operating as a live studio for music recording, commercials, and sound engineer lab experience.

What eventually surfaced was a continuous stream of high school students needing 

direction to maneuver next steps in life- getting into college without breaking their parents retirement, or if paying themselves, to open their eyes to opportunities beyond living at home, working, with a dose of evening classes at the local community college. Too often, people start, but never finish. It's this: we build  confidence, train skills, and create success habits for next steps in their journey!