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College Search Coaching's passion for results: 

WHATEVER you do, do it fully, as unto the Lord and not unto man. Colossians 3:21-23

Are you are on track? 

Do you know YOUR position vs. competitive applicants?  
These questions puzzle many parents and students today.
CSC can help!

College Search Coaching DELIVERS peace of mind & targets success for ALL types of students. You need clear direction that builds upon your school counselor's base support. We create a personalized plan simply impossible to duplicate through standard educational channels. 

Your family's college plan is likely the largest financial 
investment on your behalf that you've actually participated in to date, which is why making sound decisions in your college search is critically important!

CSC UNDERSTANDS how to maneuver tomorrow's 
ever-increasing confusing, competitive process. 
Receiving your acceptance letter from highly selective four-year college, as well as the highly demanded State University of your choice is becoming more challenging each year!

CSC CAN HELP you attend YOUR best fit University / College of YOUR preference, taking a major step toward achieving YOUR career dreams, regardless of any institution's "sticker price" 


Currently, we are coaching for college matches in HS classes of 2020 - 2022.            Will you become one of our next student success stories?  

We teach you how to maneuver:
Public Universities Admissions

Financial Aid for Your Family

Highly selective Private Universities nationwide!

Local and State  Universities

Community college path to 4 year State University

Overwhelmed or Confident?

Prepared for your Admission game?

In highly competitive schools, a student's name, strengths, and unique passion should be known by a targeted admission officer! ​